Our Wish List

With the amount of surgeries we perform every week, we go through supplies very quickly! If you can add even just one item from our list below to your grocery cart, it is a big help. Don't want to schlep items to our door? Have Amazon.com do it for you via our Amazon Wish List
Household/Cleaning Items

Office/Paper Supplies

Office/Paper Supplies, Cont'd.

Inkjet cartridges: HP932XL, HP933

Distilled Water


Laundry detergent:
     TIDE regular powder


Laser cartridges:
HP laserjet
CF210A (black)
CF211A (cyan)
CF212A (yellow)
CF213A (magenta)

3-Ring Binders




Masking Tape— 1” and 11⁄2” width


Paper plates—small, coated

Wood-stove pellets
(from Home Depot or Lowe’s, 40 lb. bag)





Paper towels—
Bounty select-a-size


Plain copy paper—ream or case
Colors: white, pink, light blue, yellow, gold

Post-It Notes
 1 1/2" x 2" size
3 x 3" size



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