Services for Dogs




3–24 lb.



25-49 lb.



50-74 lb.



75-100 lb.



Our veterinarian reserves the right to refuse your pet for surgery if his/her weight (either over- or underweight) is a risk for surgery. We are happy to discuss  any concerns with you at the time of drop-off. 

Dogs must be at least 3 lb./3 months old to be spayed/neutered at our clinic. All dogs will be given a brief exam prior to being accepted for surgery; each owner MUST WAIT until our veterinarian has cleared your pet for surgery. There is no extra charge for dogs who are pregnant; however, if your dog is deemed overweight there will be a difficult surgery charge in addition to the spay/neuter charge (see below). If our veterinarian feels your dog cannot have surgery due to excessive weight, we will reschedule you. Please use this chart to determine whether your dog is over- or underweight.

A 20% surcharge will be applied for all refunded appointments.

Extra Low Rates for Pit Bulls/Mixes



Pit Bull Full Breed or Mix - 3-49 lb.


Pit Bull Full Breed or Mix - 50-100 lb.


All pit bulls and mixes are now priced according to weight. See the schedule at left. If a dog is deemed NOT to be partly a pit bull breed by our veterinarian, the price for spay/neuter will be adjusted to our regular breed prices, above. If a current rabies certificate is provided, we will defer to what is listed on the certificate by your veterinarian as long as the breed is clearly defined; otherwise, our veterinarian will determine whether your dog is part or full-breed pit bull to be qualified for our extra low prices.

Dog Add-on Packages

Basic – Rabies, distemper


Silver – Rabies, distemper, microchip, nail trim


Gold – Rabies, distemper, heartworm test, microchip, ear clean, nail trim


Save money on your pet’s visit at Nutmeg by adding any of the services at left. Choose from any of these three packages; sorry, no substitutions.

Low Cost/Low Income


PLEASE NOTE: The State of Connecticut Low-Income Pet Sterilization Program is now accepting applications for low-income vouchers. These applications are available in English and Spanish. Complete and mail the form, and if you qualify, you should receive your voucher(s) within a couple of weeks. For those people who have already received vouchers, Nutmeg will accept them along with the following copays: $20 for a full-breed pit bulls amd pit bull mixes; $50 for all other breed dogs; these fees apply to rescue groups as well. The voucher, which covers the spay/neuter surgery, rabies and distemper vaccines, is valid for 60 days from the day it was issued. We will not accept expired vouchers. Payment is required prior to the appointment. For cat copays, please click on the Cats tab, above.

Vaccinations and Other Services

Rabies vaccination


Distemper/Parvo vaccination


Kennel Cough vaccination


Heartworm Test


Cryptorchid surgery (undescended, per testicle)


Open Umbilical Hernia Repair


Late dropoff/pickup charge

$15 every half hour

Antibiotics (post-surgery, if necessary)




Topical Parasite Treatment


Nail Trim


Vaccinations are offered only at the time of surgery. We require proof of current rabies vaccination at the time that your pet is dropped off for surgery. If a dog is already vaccinated at the time of spay/neuter, the client must provide proof of vaccination via a certificate or a rabies vaccine will be given at the charge listed at left. For an explanation on each vaccine and other services, please click on the links at left.

Equipment Loans

Humane Hav-A-Hart or Tru-Catch Traps:

$100 deposit with credit card imprint.

equipment must be returned when scheduled. Equipment and linens must be returned clean, or an extra fee is will be added..

Large or small dog crates:

deposit price upon request

Transfer cage:

deposit price upon request

We can provide loaners for the listed equipment. A deposit is required, as shown.
Deposits are refunded at return of equipment. If equipment is not returned by the day allotted, your credit card will be charged the full value of the item.