Why Alter Your Dog?

1. Eliminates cancer of the reproductive organs.

2. Eliminiates life-threatening infection of the uterus (known as pyometra) and prostate enlargement in males.

3. In females, decreases the risk of mammary (breast) cancer. If spayed before her first heat cycle, a female dog has
    almost 0% chance of mammary cancer; about 1 in 4 unspayed dogs develop mammary cancer.

4. Decreases aggression and biting.

5. Decreases annoying or inappropriate behavior:

• In females, eliminates the odor, staining and annoying behavior during a heat cycle.

• In males, decreases inappropriate sexual behavior by 70%.

• In males, decreases urine marking by 50%.

6. Increases trainability and attention t your commands. Guide dogs and other dogs trained to help people with disabilities
    are neutered for this reason.

7. Decreases dangerous roaming behavior; therefore, pets are less likely to escape the yard, be hit by a car, get in
    fights, etc.

8. Decreases risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

9. Will not make your dog fat! Lack of exercise and overfeedng will cause your dog to pack on the pounds.

10. Helps to prevent pet overpopulation. Millions of pets are euthanized every year because they have no homes.